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WIP: Pineapples 2...still progressing :iconvanityfair:vanityfair 5 0 WIP: Pineapples :iconvanityfair:vanityfair 6 0 Kimono (2005) :iconvanityfair:vanityfair 12 21 Dark Darla :iconvanityfair:vanityfair 2 1 Fractured Sunflowers :iconvanityfair:vanityfair 5 2 Evil Conspiracy :iconvanityfair:vanityfair 2 11 Creation :iconvanityfair:vanityfair 3 0
SetoAnzu Untitled Fic - ROUGH DRAFT WIP
Disclaimer:  As the title indicates, this is a ROUGH DRAFT.  It means there will be LOTS OF ERRORS.  Still a Work in Progress.  However, comments and opinions are still welcomed.
Countless of hours later, Seto decided to wrap it all up and go home.  After a full day’s work, he was tired.  He placed his laptop in his metal briefcase.  As soon as he got home, he concluded he’d go to bed.
 He just had to collect Mokuba and take Anzu home.  Speaking of which, he realized it was too quiet.  Which was strange given to both their energetic personalities, much to his torture.
Then he remembered, he had been hard on her, today.
He left his office and went to the ajoining room .  To his surprise, he found the both of them snuggled together on the brand new papas an he bought.  They were asleep.  He looked at the picture before him.
It was endearing on how Anzu held his broth
:iconvanityfair:vanityfair 1 5
The Lost and The Found-- (Inuyasha) Ch. 1
A port in China.
After so many years away from home, it was finally time to go back. It was a fabulous three years of schooling, thought Takeda Sai as he contemplated the cerulean blue sky waiting to board a commercial vessel headed for the Land of the Rising Sun. It was noon already and he had not eaten, despite there being venders a many to choose from as crowds of people huddled about negotiating prices for needed supplies and wares. At the age of fifteen, Takeda Sai was already considered an adult and old enough to take on the responsibilities his father had waiting for him once he touched home. Like all journeys, this was going to be a long one. He stood on the docks; letting out an exasperated sigh, he tugged at his meticulously made braid, waiting what seemed like forever, as merchants passed by on their little boats either waving to him in greeting or trying vigorously to sell him their wares. In which, the young man declined.
Sai, slowly, reached into his breast pocket, pullin
:iconvanityfair:vanityfair 2 0
Sess/Kags and Seto/Anzu Brainstorming :iconvanityfair:vanityfair 0 0 Azureshipping (Seto/Anzu) Brainstorm Process. :iconvanityfair:vanityfair 2 15 WIP: Kouga Portrait :iconvanityfair:vanityfair 2 3 WIP: Sesshoumaru Profile Portrait :iconvanityfair:vanityfair 3 18 WIP: Seto Kaiba Portrait :iconvanityfair:vanityfair 3 13 WIP: Seto and Anzu :iconvanityfair:vanityfair 11 14
Frantic-- Chapter 3
Anime:  Inuyasha  (Sango, Sesshoumaru)
Genre:  Drama/Suspense
Rating: K+
Summary: With absolutely no idea how she could have provoked it, Sango is not running for dear life.  Trouble is-- she knows her assailant.  Will Sango survive her ordeal or die trying?


Frantic Three

A flock of blackbirds flew overhead squawking chaotically as another tree met its fate. Sango did not know how long she had been on the move but her knee did nothing to contribute to her safety. Hiraikotsu's weight was a huge factor in her ordeal. Nonetheless, she pushed forward evading huge fallen branches and uproots on her path, maintaining herself under the protection of foliage.
The forest was aware of the impending danger that threatened to level it down. Sango could hear the frantic cries of the creat
:iconvanityfair:vanityfair 1 3


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Very detailed line art. Very good balance in colors; there is excellent harmony. The arrow piercing both doves is what captures my atte...

Okay, Yami's face is not what I'm used to but it's quite comical. I enjoy the technique you used in coloring and drawing this. It not a...

The concept is pretty simple but the execution of the simplicity is what makes this work of art stunning. In technique, the lines are c...

Landscapes/Nature Scenes are not really original concepts. However, the way this artist chose to attack the theme was genius! The compo...



ACEO for Sale!
Shipping and Handling will depend on your location.
BoriCat180 by vanityfair
There's a huge chance we'd have to put my father in a care facility.
WIP: Pineapples 2...still progressing
It's still progressing. I can't wait to see this finally finished.  If you compare with the one before, I through in more color.  At the moment of doing it, I was thinking:  o
Oh man, I ruined it now!  

Thats ts when I knew I had to stop and call it a night.
The next day, I wake up, I look at it. And now, I'm in love with what I did.…


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Maritza Lara
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
Puerto Rico
Although I was trained in the traditional methods, I'm a Jack of All Trades.

Personal Quote: If you see the light at the end of the tunnel, it is Jesus showing you the way.

Relief Fund for Philip Lupo!

"Philip has recently been diagnosed with an advanced and aggressive form of cancer which affects several of his organs. Although his doctors are optimistic about extending his lifespan via an appropriate course of treatment, and many of the expenses for his treatment are taken care of, Philip is unable to work due to the side effects of both the disease and the treatment he will undergo to slow its progress. Many hidden expenses crop up for cancer patients, from prescriptions to transportation to basic housing and grocery needs. "

For those who want to help out, you can donate to:

Please, let's pray for Philip!  
You know what Jesus said about faith, it can move mountains!

#donations #holiday #christmas #christmas2016 #christians #cancer #pleasehelp #charity #jesus #jesuschrist #phillip #wolf #wolves #fundraiser #life  #giving 


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